Unique Gift - 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray : Great for Parties, Bars, Restaurants, Summer, Holiday events and Holiday Gifts. Long-lasting Ice Cubes for Whiskey, Cocktail, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Fruit Juice, Punch, Soda Pop and Water.
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Unique Gift - 3D Skull Ice Cube description

  • Bring Joy is included in your life - great for parties, bars, restaurants, summer, holiday events, and holiday gifts. Long-lasting ice cubes for whiskey, cocktails, iced coffee, iced tea, fruit juice, punch, soda pop and water. Fill the ice tray with colorful fruits or herbs to enhance your drink.
  • Looks like your drink and it's great - four giant skull-shaped ice cubes (2 "X 2.3") make your drink awesome. Keep your cocktail or drink cold for a long time without putting your drink down. There is nothing worse than when you get the right cocktail or drink recipe and halfway through your drink, it is diluted and does not taste the same.
  • Easy Role - The non-stick design makes it easier to get the skull ice out by pushing on the bottom of the mold. Flexible materials mean they are easy to clean and store.
  • BPA Free Food Grade - FDA Approved, 100% BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Food Grade, Leak-Free, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe, Safe Silicone Ice Cube Tray With Dishwasher Lid. This durable and flexible silicone ice tray will not break or break like a plastic ice tray; Easy to fill, remove and clean.
  • बना Make clear ice cubes C If you prefer clear ice cubes, you can make clear ice with boiling and icy filtered water. Boiling removes most of the dissolved air from the water and allows the water to cool.
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Tired of OD? JOIN HORROR ICE SKULL, LET WHISKEY, COCKT COLORS, JUICES, BEAR and other COLD drinks add even more fun and sounds to your part life. 3D skull ice trays can be used not only to make ice, but also chocolate, candy, cakes, and soap. It is essential for parties. Creative: * 3D vivid silicone skulls are ideal for snowflake parties, bars, holiday events and Halloween / Diwali gifts. So you can make ice, chocolate, jelly, candy, cake or anything you can imagine. Play your creativity and make the party more interesting by surprising your friends with this unexpected snow shapes. Health and Safety: * FDA and LFGB approved, made of 100% food grade silicone, without any odor and harmful substances. * Silicon material is very soft, very durable, can be assured for long term use. * Seal is very good, you don't have to worry about water overflow. Easy to use: * Easy to leave the ice, easy fill with the included free funnel for your ease. Operation is very simple. * easy to clean. * Baking, microwave, oven, dishwasher safe. How to use: 
  1. Sterilize the mold with boiled water before use.
  2. Put the included funnel on the hole, pour the drink or water into the funnel. 
  3. After inserting press the edge of the skull one by one to ensure that the tray is fully covered. 
  4. Squeeze out excess water through the spillway hole at the top. 
  5. Keep the ice tray in the fridge for several hours. 6) Fold the mold before taking out the skull. (Do not fill the mold to get the desired skull shape result.)

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